Free 2019 High PR Best PDF Submission Sites Lists For SEO

Free 2019 High PR Best PDF Submission Sites Lists For SEO

If you are an SEO and you want to improve your site ranking, what will you do?

Let’s say you wrote some SEO friendly content, will it work for you?

From my experience, it will improve your ranking but it will not rank your website to SERP result page.

So, How can you increase the value of your content?

And How will you rank your website?

Troubled by these questions. Well, don’t worry. Let’s discuss about it.

When I had started my SEO journey these questions came to my mind too. I knew about submissions, I knew about off page submission but what I didn’t know about were the submissions which will give value to content I have written; the content which other readers will read and will give credit to me or my site. Later, I came to know about pdf submission & its benefits and that has helped me a lot in improving the quality of my content.

What is PDF submission?

PDF submission is sharing of pdf files through pdf sharing websites, which means you have to write your content in a pdf file and upload it pdf submission websites.

How Does PDF Submission Help in Ranking?

We all know about the search engine, it crawls websites and ranks them according to its algorithms. In pdf submission, the search engine performs the same task but in a different way. Before discussing the concept I want to tell you one thing, that search engine can read PDF in the same way as it reads HTML pages. Don’t use photoshop as it will convert your pdf into image format. So, always create your pdf search engine optimized, so that search engine can fetch all details about your pdf like Keywords, Title, Heading tags, Content body, Images and links.

Now you have a clear idea about PDF submission and what type of pdf you should create; let’s discuss its content and concept of PDF submission. Whenever you write content, keep your content SEO friendly and link your website with one of your keywords. Place your keywords in the Title, Heading and Content. Also, give an ‘alt tag’ to the image uploaded in pdf. Ultimately it will help you to improve your website ranking, because when a search engine will crawl your pdf it will fetch all information in the form of content like your Title, Keywords, Anchor text and Alt Tag. So, the best way to create a pdf is creating it in text format with SEO friendly content containing keywords with the hyperlink of your site.

Steps To Create PDF For Submission :-

  1. Write SEO friendly content in MS Word.
  2. The Title, Heading Tags, Content body and alt tag should contain keywords.
  3. Give Hyperlink to the keyword which you want to rank.
  4. Convert it into PDF.
  5. The PDF should be in text format.

How to Submit PDF :-

  1. Search for relevant pdf submission site from below.
  2. Using Moz bar extension identify the quality of the site.
  3. Create a site profile if required.
  4. Use keyword as anchor text.
  5. Upload the PDF.

Free High PR Best PDF Submission Sites List For SEO :-

Sr. No.PDF Submission Sites

Well, we discussed the pdf submission and also shared the list of best pdf submission sites having high page rank. Now, Go ahead, submit pdf on these sites and improve your site ranking as well as drive more traffic to your site from these sites😉.

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