Free High PR Video Submission Site List

Free High PR Video Submission Site List

High PR Free Video Submission Site List For 2019

Video creation is much simpler than an article or blog post. Get a camera, shoot some videos, discuss a topic, put them together, render and ta-dah! Video is ready!!

Publish your video on your channel. The most popular video sharing site is Youtube. Youtube is the most popular video sharing site and millions of people actively use youtube. Also, you can share your videos on sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, etc.. 

People these days prefer not to read a lengthy article or blog post. They prefer simple visible content (video) that provides the required information in the form of short videos. 

Users like to watch news rather than to read a newspaper. Simply just like children remember video story for longer times than just reading the content. When we visualize the thing our mind remembers and understands the things more accurately and compares them to the physical world. 

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To make your video go viral, you have to share your video on different platforms. There are lots of high pr free video submission sites available over the web where you can share your videos and drive a huge amount of web traffic on your site or channel.

What are video submission sites?

Video submission sites are popular video sites where millions of users are actively watching and publishing videos and are earning money through them. 

These high pr video submission sites drive a huge amount of traffic to your channel. Through this, you can increase your social popularity and create brand awareness among the users.

Why Video Submission?

Video marketing is the future of advertising and marketing. Videos are important for branding your business socially. As of now 60%-80% of data traffic has come through the mobile views of videos. By 2021 video marketing will be a factor that every brand will need to use for standing in the market.

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According to Hubspot, In future people would want more video than content. Content marketing is always a high demanding part of digital marketing but now without video marketing, your marketing strategy would be incomplete.

Guidelines for Video Submission

When you create a video, the important points for you to remember are video quality, sound quality, length of the video and most essential ‘ the topic’.

Let’s discuss first the length of the video, make sure the video is not much longer as users like to watch a short video. Make it short and simple.

The topic is the most essential part. Choose a topic relevant to your niche.

 There are some ideas on which you can make videos

1). Try to solve others problems

2). Interview an expert in your niche

3). Make Tutorials 

4). Interact with the influencers

5). Product review

When you’re done with your video, the next thing will be guidelines for submitting videos on high pr video submission sites list. Here are the things that you should remember when submitting or posting your videos on below mentioned free video submission sites list

1). Use a catchy title for better ROI

2). The title should be keyword rich/targeted

3). The keyword should be present in your description and should seem natural to users as well as a web crawler

4). Post it in a relevant niche of your business

5). Tag your video with right keyword and category

Benefits of Video Submission Sites in SEO

  • Spreading your message with a large number of audiences.
  • Gain trust of the audience with a real face.
  • Helping you improve your bounce rate.
  • Submitting videos on high pr video submission sites list promote your business and increase brand visibility among the customers or users.
  • High-quality backlinks

Sr. No.Free High PR Video Submission Sites

What's Next?

After publishing your videos what’s Next? What you can do for spreading the videos? How your followers and audience can get the information?

You can leverage your relationship with influencers and other bloggers, share video on social media channels, bookmark your video for faster indexing, email marketing, etc..

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