Free Search Engine Submission Site List

Free Search Engine Submission Sites For Faster Indexing

Free Search Engine Submission Site List

“Google” is the most popular search engine over the Internet. There are more search engines similar to Google, like Duckuckgo, Bing, Yahoo,etc., but people at large scales prefer Google owing to its user experience & relevant search results. 

From Nearby coffee cafe to Sensex stats Google shows the most relevant search results. Nowadays DuckDuckGo is also in the trend and users like it for its privacy feature. 

Google is the search engine with a large amount of data. Where you can find the most relevant search result of any query.

To gain or increase the number of organic traffic search engines are the best resource. For faster indexing and driving quality web traffic to the website, search engine submission sites are the best option. Because after all, search engines are #1 source of driving organic traffic

How does Search Engine Works?

You have a query that you put in the search bar & hit enter. The Spider ( Search engine bots) will crawl the indexed web pages containing your search query (Keyword) and result websites in search results that are super relevant to your search, it shows all results that match the keyword or query you searched for. 

This process includes three steps:-

1. Crawling

Search Engine Bots or Google Bots crawls the web pages as it sets out to crawl the web, after having crawled a web page the web page gets added to the search engine’s index. There are bots like Google bot, Bing bot & more who does the crawling. 

2. Indexing

The crawled page gets added to the search engine’s index. Google in particular indexes web pages every piece of data & files. To speed up the indexation process or if you have updated the web page then you can request re-indexing by Google bot using Google Search Console.

3. Query Processing:

 As soon as a query is performed on Google, Google’s algorithm sips into the massive database to represent the most relevant content which will be useful to the users. The indexed web pages are ranked against similar web pages by taking into account certain parameters like relevancy, authenticity & various search engine optimization factors. To make the user experience on Google more magnificent Google also reflects featured search results right above the first search result. The featured snippet reveals the crucial contents of the web page containing that content.

So it simply works in 3 steps, crawling, indexing & query processing.

What are Search Engine Submission Sites?

Search Engine Submission Sites are the sites where you submit your blog URL for faster indexing and crawling. There are lots of search engines, where you submit your website URL and these search engine submission sites help you to get a faster index on major search engines. 

Generally, when you publish a new article or blog post to your website it will be indexed in 2-7 days.

It takes longer if you have content that isn’t being searched or if you are not doing any off-page activities for your newly published content. Off-page activities like search engine submission, social bookmarking & sharing links speed ups the indexing duration.

For Indexing your website you can submit your website sitemap to different sites. A sitemap contains a complete URL of the website.

Benefits of Search Engine Submission

There are lots of benefits to free search engine submission sites. Here I’m listing all the advantages of search engine submission sites:-

1. Fast Indexing

 Submitting your website on search engine submission sites is just like an invitation for search engine bots. Whenever you publish a post do a search engine submission so that it is easy for bots to perform faster indexing of the webpage.

2. Brand Visibility

 Increase the visibility of a website in search engine result page.

3. Free Web Traffic

Submitting your website on the search engines improves your organic web traffic.

4. Better ROI

 It helps to achieve a better return on investment(ROI). If you have worked hard on a piece of content, developing it, researching it and whatnot. It only doesn’t make sense if you can’t drive sizeable referral traffic from search to that piece of content. Search engines, after all, remains #1 source of organic traffic.

5. Cost-Effective

 Search Engine Submission sites are absolutely free. Some sites are demand for reciprocal links, but apart from that, there are many free search engine submission sites available as listed below.

Free Search Engine Submission Sites List:

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