How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

how to write seo friendly content

You can write an engaging piece of content and be proud of yourself, but what’s the point if it doesn’t reach out to readers? You need to  write SEO friendly content and also make it readable and interesting. 

To crack through the digital world and make a mark, the use of SEO is inevitable. Content includes everything starting from service pages, third-party publications, guest posts on other blogs, and more. All of these must look appealing and interesting to the search engines and that’s how your content will count.

When SEO and engagement are arranged together in order, they complete each other’s mission perfectly. Now, this is the hidden secret that you did not know about digital marketing.

For the combination to flourish, the first thing that you must focus on is optimizing content for SEO. However, the most hard-working and vital people in the whole process are copywriters. 

Why is SEO friendly content important?

You will understand the importance of content from the following points. These are the steps that searchers go through when selecting a website:

  • You enter a query in the search engine that includes a few keywords.


  • The rank of contents goes up for search query and keywords are available due to SEO.


  • The title of any page is what attracts users first. The meta description should be interesting and engaging as users can see that even before they click on the website link.


  • As a user clicks on the website link, he will see the full content and that should be extremely engaging.

Therefore, if you have some of the best SEO writing tips, you will surely be able to convert users to potential customers. If you want to create brand loyalty among your existing customers, you must write SEO friendly content at all times. If you have a considerable number of loyal customers, up-selling becomes easier and you can earn more revenue. 

Best SEO writing Tips

Check out some of the best SEO writing tips that you will require continuously while working for your digital media website:

1. Keyword research

Sadly, several content pages exist without optimizing content for SEO properly. However, keyword research and it’s implication is of utmost importance, and people need to use them. The content optimization process is mainly targeted towards focus keywords. Several articles talk about keyword research and you must read them to know more about success in the content market.

If you research well and involve yourself more into SEO optimization, you will get all the updates about the latest keyword trends and volume.

Now, with such SEO writing tips, you can optimize content better and also stand out in this competitive market.

There are some major product or service category pages that are called “parent pages”. Such pages require higher volume keywords.

The other pages are the “child pages” such as those about educational articles or smaller blogs can work with low volume keywords. Such keywords are endless in all industries.

Make use of keyword research tools like,

Keyword research is critical to a content’s success over SERP. Keyword research helps you find the focus keyphrase and all the supporting keywords that will be responsible for ranking your content in the search engine result pages. 

2. Related keywords

There are related keywords that you will come across along with the primary keywords. If these relative or secondary keywords are placed properly, they indirectly work for the page. It means the secondary keywords will point towards the post’s primary theme or keyword.

You must focus on creating a list of focus keywords. The list will be vital for the ultimate SEO strategy. Creating a list of focus keywords as per the latest keyword trends is one of the most useful SEO writing tips for you.

You can hunt related keywords in Google SERP itself.

people also ask google

3. Engaging headlines

seo headlines

You may have the best blog ever, but if you cannot put an interesting and attractive tag or title, you will become unnoticeable. Some expert content writers say that a good headline can attract users in just a few seconds.

Engaging headlines is the key to influencing click throughs. Once a search query is performed 10 websites appear organically in the search results but a majority of clicks are fetched by the headline that is catchy and intriguing.

For example, you perform a search “how+to+rank+higher+in+serp?”

You are seeing two results.

1. How to rank higher in SERPs
2. We analyzed 1 Million search results, here’s what we found

Which one would you click? I bet it’s the second one that will grab your attention.

Optimizing content for SEO properly means that you will use the focus keywords closer to the front. Also, remember that you must keep the headline or title around or within 60 words for the best SEO rankings. The main aims of the headline or title are as follows.

  • Explaining some process that relates to the subject of the content.


  • Positioning credibility.


  • Arouse curiosity amongst users.


  • Command an advantage of a service/produce/news headline.


  • Make sure that the reader gets engrossed in your content. It means it is your responsibility to hook your readers to your page with the best content.


  • Tell the customers why they should only choose your brand over others.

Two more things may attract users’ attention as per SEO statistics are:

  • Odd numbers


  • Parentheses or brackets

Therefore, put all your effort to think about the headlines or titles that force the users to click only on your website.

4. Good mood

One of the coolest SEO writing tips is that you must only write when you are in a healthy and good mood. If your mind is in a happy state, you come up with better ideas. So, if you are unwell or stressed, you shouldn’t write at that time. Else, if you are stressed or not in a good mood, listen to some music or do whatever pleases you. 

Once you cheer up and come back to a normal mood, now you can write. Remember, you are not just doing creative writing. Here, you must know how much more you have to focus when you are creating content using focus keywords. You just cannot go wrong.

5. Content idea

Your initial idea must be to write something in a way that you can successfully explain the topic in the simplest language. You must work on a basic guideline that will help you to come up with the simplest yet unique content ideas.

First, you have to learn to develop content and then write SEO friendly content. Jot down all your thoughts and main ideas so that you can work on them later. Divide the points under separate subheadings to make future work easier. There is no problem if the ideas change later.

Once you get on with the flow, you will be flooded with newer and better ideas every time. Just go with the flow and don’t stop considering the sloppiness of your language. Just make sure that you are not writing lengthy paragraphs.

Keep the content crisp and easy to read for every type of user. You must start focusing on shorter paragraphs right from the drafting process. You will write better with more practice and slowly you will become an expert in optimizing content for SEO.

Some good places to hunt for content ideas are:

  • Quora
  • Buzzsumo
  • Google

6. Content organization

It is finally time that you arrange all your writings in order. You must have written thousands of words with so many different subheadings. However, nothing will make sense by the time everything comes together in a proper and organized manner.

Arranged content means you have clear thoughts. If you fail to organize your content properly and everything looks haphazard, it means that the content is not appealing enough. To organize in a better way, you must know:

  • The aim or objective of your content.


  • The mission that you target to achieve through this content.


  • There must be a valid ending otherwise all the time you have put into the article will go in vain.

Some writers like to focus on the introduction and conclusion of the article even before the body. You do not have to follow the same process, but you must also have a plan onf how you want to proceed with a content.

Final thoughts

There is no rocket science involved if you want to write SEO friendly content. However, you must know some of the SEO strategies and research enough to get that flow. Once you have enough knowledge about your topic, you are good to go. 

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  • October 29, 2019 at 1:57 am

    Hello Kunjal,
    Great tips you shared. I like the idea of good mood. I have never read this before.

    • October 29, 2019 at 5:52 am

      Thanks a lot! Indresh

      I am glad that you found these tips useful & yes good mood is essential it determines the tone you can set involuntarily. Keep coming back for more awesome content planned ahead.


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