Infographic Submission Site List

Infographic Submission Site List

List of 25+ Infographic Submission Sites List

In today’s era, No one shows interest in reading lengthy content. The users come to your site and there are so many reasons they will get back to the search engine as your website or content is not enough to entertain or catching their interest. 

When we read a book without any interesting picture, it made us get bored and in return, we didn’t read the whole book. In another side, we read comics with full interest because they have a story with images. They are visually more appealing.

It creates a visual effect that will keep our eyes and mind in the story. The same thing is done by “infographic”. Though only creating an infographic and posting it onto your website is not as such enough. It will keep your audience engaged for long term to your website. For taking more advantages through infographics we need to spread it over the internet. To make infographics viral or popular you have to submit on to top high DA infographic submission sites.

Here in today’s post we will discuss what is an infographic and how it helps you to reduce your bounce rate.

What is an Infographic?

Infographic, the term is a combination of “info” + “Graphics”. Which means broadly knowledge or information on a subject with Graphics, a visual image. Infographics mean a visual representation of information with the help of data charts and images.

Our brain understands the visual things quickly as compared to the text we read. Our mind focuses on more into what our eyes see. It stores the visual impact of what we see that makes it easier to understand than reading a whole book. 

That’s the reason why students remember the whole story of a movie but fail to learn a chapter from their syllabus. This happens with every human being.

What is More Powerful? Content or an Infographic?

It depends because if you focus solely on presenting the infographics on your website and undermining the importance from SEO perspective  your website won’t rank well. 

Content is the king, the line has power as no matter how things will change in the industry the content is and will always be the king.

If you present an infographic, at that you also need quality content presented in a simple way so it’s users understand it and are encouraged to read the complete infographic, if they like your infographics there will be a chance for it to be shared by them. Also, you will get a free backlink.

Just creating an infographic does not mean your work is done. You have to make sure that you present the things in a structured way with proper explanation to all the things. Keeping it in a hierarchy and engaging users to your page will be the real achievement.

How Infographic Helps in Reducing the Bounce Rate?

As compared to content, Keeping the combination of infographics and the correct amount of content can help you a lot in increasing the session duration rate. As users are active and spend more time on your website.

Why Infographic Submission?

Creating an infographic is just not enough. You have to spread it across your network and over the web, this is why you need infographic submission sites. 

Creating and putting infographics in your website is good but to get a backlink and make a presence in the industry you will have to create a unique and informative infographic so that other bloggers or users share it and add your website for credit.

How to Make an Infographic?

There are lots of websites where you can create an infographic. There are sites such as Canva, piko chart, venngage, etc.. where you can find thousands of templates and create an infographic as per your need.

If you go for a paid version  you will get access to some amazing stickers, data charts, templates, etc.. But if you don’t have much of a budget to go for paid version then you can use their free templates which have lots of amazing styles and built-in section.

Creating an infographic is not difficult. All you need is to create a structure of how to present it in front of users with the content.

Benefits of Infographic Submissions

There are a host of benefits that infographic submission entails. From SEO Perspective, Search engines see an infographic same as an image. It does not help much more in ranking but yes it can drive traffic from higher traffic websites such as Slideshare,, Pinterest & more.

From these, you can build dofollow & nofollow backlinks, backlinks are the links when someone adds your infographic to their website and you can ask for credit for your website. 

Also, you can share it on a high-quality website and get some good quality of backlink. That will increase your website Domain Authority.

How To Do Infographic Submission

For submitting your infographics on below-mentioned infographic submission sites all you need is 

1). Title for infographic

2). Keyword and description for infographic

3). An Infographic

4). An URL

If you are done with  all the above-mentioned thing, now you’re ready to spread your infographic

1). Sign up for an account of below-mentioned sites

2). Verify your account 

3). Create your profile and link to your social media profiles as well

4). Upload and start sharing on websites

List of Infographic Submission Sites

Sr. No.Infographic Submission Sites


Infographic submission is the best way for improving the session rate and earning backlinks. While submitting your infographics on above-mentioned sites, if you find any error or any of the above site not working then please let us know by commenting below.

If you know of any other high PR good quality infographic submission sites then please share it by commenting below, as it would help us in updating our list.

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