Top 20+ Malaysia Business Listings Sites list

Top 20+ Malaysia Business Listings Sites list

Top 20+ Malaysia Business Listings Sites List

Do you want your business found over internet in Malaysia? well it’s not gonna happen magically or even with just having a website.

Malaysia is a big country in Asian continent where there are end number of businesses within every industry to stand apart digitally it’s gonna take more than just having a website.

It’s gonna take a local seo strategy to ignite your visibility in the Malaysia searches. 

One of the key Local SEO tactics is submitting your business to business listing websites

google search results

A simple local search for colleges in Kuala Lumpur(capital of Malaysia) enlist results by business listing sites, your business website can generate a link in these business listing sites and drive ton of referral traffic and more importantly rank higher in search results directly and indirectly.

The link authority flowing from business listing sites that is contextual to your business passes link value which then increases your website’s rank in that region.

What makes GoogleMyBusiness the best Business Listing site?

search engine market share in Malaysia

Google as a search engine has 98.43% penetration in Malaysia, Google’s product that is GoogleMyBusiness allows you to list your business for Free and that’s not the best part, the best part is that if one performs a search using Google for your business, your business listing listing will appear above with rich information like ratings, timings, photos, reviews.

googlemybusiness snapshot

In the above screenshot you can clearly see GoogleMyBusiness reflecting the business listing in search results with rich information, no other business listing site has that kind of dominance in Google search engine.

What other business listing sites can you rely on?

You can totally count on prominent global business listing sites like HotFrog, YellowPages, StreetDirectory these business listing sites though being global business listing sites still has country specific extension, for example HotFrog has it’s malaysian sub-directory called “MY” stands for Malaysia which means if you register in one of these sites then as one performs a search containing your industry in Malaysia or your company name then chances are that your business listing from these sites will show up in search results.

Other than that you can rely on country-specific Business Listing sites like sites like these are particularly built for supporting business in Malaysia to gain more visibility in search engines & drive traffic as a result.

Benefits of Listing your business in Business Listing Sites

1. Backlinks

Submitting your business to business listing sites increases your backlink profile by getting referring domains to your website by these business listing sites, a lot of these business listing sites gives you dofollow links, links generated from country & niche-specific business listing sites passes link value by rewarding higher search engine rankings, really help with gaining the initial traction.

2. Referral Traffic

It takes no second guessing that creating your business listing in these business listing sites will drive qualified referral traffic because as people search for services on Google they discover your business via these listing sites, to find more information they have no choice but to click through your website URL which generates traffic for your website, hence it’s crucial that you always add your business website URL on these listing sites. 

If you don’t have a business website (and you’re not planning to have one) then I would highly recommend creating one for free via GoogleMyBusiness you can easily create a free business-site via GMB, you can use that URL in Business Listing sites where users can find more information, crucial information like services, products, timings, high quality business images.

3. Local visibility

Submitting your website to local business listing sites like GoogleMyBusiness ignites your business visibility locally for local searches, your business also qualifies for voice searches like “cafe near me, “food near me” heck your business also qualifies for appearing Google Maps search results.

4. It’s Free of cost

Creating business listings for your business is mostly free there may be a very few portals demanding money, at least the popular business listing sites like GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, HotFrog let’s you do it for free. Without spending a dime you get incredible results.

So, there you have it all that you need to know about business listing sites, the list we have provided contains links of business listing sites that are manually verified.

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