Micro Blogging Sites List

Micro Blogging Sites List

What is a Micro Blog?

A web-service which lets one subscriber broadcast small messages to other users associated with a particular service is known as micro-blogging. Such posts have privacy options. For example, you may post something in the public interest or something that you only want a private group to see.

The subscribers, on the other hand, can view the posts as per their convenience. They can either read your posts online or set up notification alerts. The second option enables pop-up messages on their desktop whenever you post something new. You can also customize the features in such a way that a user will receive notifications of your post via SMS.

What's with The appeal of Microblogging?

Both portability and immediacy are appealing factors of microblogging. Since the posts in microblogging are merely 150-200 characters in length, you can write or receive them in any way. You can use a computing device of your choice which includes your cell phone too. Although most of the microblogging posts are done utilizing texts, you will find audio and video broadcasts too.

Microblogging was not a mainstream thing for several years. Recently people have gotten to know about microblogging. The service is gaining popularity and has also found a place in the mainstream section.

You will be surprised to know that the person who made microblogging popular was ex-American President, Mr. Barack Obama. He started using microblogging to update people about his campaigns. He used Twitter, which is one of the most popular microblogging sites in today’s time.

The quintessential media houses such as the BBC and the New York Times are now posting links and headlines through microblog posts. Besides, sports and traffic updates always use emergency broadcasting through microblog services.

How do Microblogging sites work?

A microblog is a very small content that is created especially for quick audience feedback or interaction. It is a perfect blend of content production and instant messaging. Through a microblog, you can build quick relations with a large audience in a very short span of time. The best examples of the most popular microblogging sites are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Creating a microblog saves you a lot of time and energy and yet fulfills the need of the hour. You do not have to sit hours writing long posts that are also tough to explain to the audience. Moreover, most people don’t want to read lengthy posts as long as it is of their interest or need.

Microblogs are easy to read and understand. The trend of microblog websites started when companies started choosing social media platforms to build relations with customers. Through the microblogs, companies also post links on social media platforms. As soon as a subscriber clicks on that, he will be redirected to the main page where there is a longer and more detailed post.

Best examples of microblogging websites

Microblogging is a major part of any modern company’s content plan. The short write-ups and posts are very important if you want to develop a better customer relationship. Also, microblogs are easily readable and so people who use mobile phones will also get connected with you. Check out the most popular examples of microblogging websites:

1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It also serves as a channel for broadcasting microblogs. You can easily share short posts, videos, article links, GIFs, and more on this platform. Twitter initially allowed to put out text posts within 140 characters only, however now Twitter allows you to put up a 240 character text post.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is not exactly an interactive platform where you post write-ups or headlines. Pinterest is where companies post product links along with attractive pictures. It is like a picture library and each one has a link that will redirect you to some other original website. So, the microblogging done here is via videos and pictures.

3. Instagram

The best way of visual microblogging is Instagram. You can share pictures and stories to back your online narratives on Instagram.

4. Facebook

By far the most popular social media platform is Facebook. It is an effective channel for microblogging. You can share anything such as stories, pictures, live videos and much more on Facebook.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is another popular microblogging website. In this you can tag specific stories or videos to attract other users. It is a quick way to receive feedback from viewers.

6. Scoop.it

Scoop. it is the best microblogging and social bookmarking website. Moreover, it is a software company which mainly works for content marketing. They are based out in San Francisco in California. Scoop. it allows companies to use its platform for content curation and then it does the content marketing work.

7. Flattr

Flattr has achieved the top-most position in SEO terms and also enjoys ownership of more domain. Flattr is originally a Swedish company and deals in subscription to microdonation service. On this website, users pay a monthly fee against which they get funds for their favorite creators and website.

8. Yammer

Yammer is a website which helps companies to promote their services and name on it. It is also a social networking site for various business organizations.

Blogging vs. microblogging

Check out the ways that make blogging different from the new age microblogging and how to use them both effectively:

  1. The primary difference between a blog and a microblog is the word limit restrictions. While blogging, you will not have a specific word limit. However, when you are creating a post for a microblogging website, the word limit is 150-200.

  2. There is a huge difference in writing style when we are comparing blogs and microblogs. Blogs are lengthy write-ups that are a little too difficult for users to read. The language is a notch-higher in blogs and the topics may not be in everyone’s interest. However, microblogging posts are short, user-friendly and easy to navigate. User-friendly in this regard means easy to understand and more interesting even for people who do not like to read much.

  3. While in case of a blog, information posting only happens when the blogger wants. In the case of microblogs, separate discretion is not always required. Microblog posts get updated almost every alternative minute.

  4. The frequency of postings also varies in the case of blogs and microblogs. While blog posts may appear after a long period, microblog posts appear now and then. Blogs mainly depend on the convenience of the blogger. However, the same is not the case with microblogs.

  5. Blogs and microblogs do not have the same objectives. Blogs are not meant to update users with day-to-day happenings or announcements. While a microblogging post exactly serves that purpose.

How to use a microblogging site to generate more traffic?

To improve traffic generation to your micro-blogging site, you must ensure that the following works correctly:

  1. You need to make sure that your website runs at a moderately high speed. No one wants to wait for a slow page to load. If that happens, users will lose interest in your website.

  2. Refer to infographics that mix information along with graphics. In this, the posts use texts as well as pictures, graphs, and other visual references. The whole content looks more attractive and thus generates more readers.

  3. Make sure that you are not exceeding the word limit. Also, short content does not mean a dull one. You have to make the content look attractive irrespective of its length.

  4. You must monitor that there are postings every hour at least. The objective of microblogging is continuous posts.

  5. Use popular social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook for more response. As a result, traffic generation will be higher.

  6. Make sure that your content does not look spammy or extremely vague. Use correct language and stick to your brand image.

  7. Your posts should talk about a subject and not be promotional. Just make sure you attach links in your microblog posts that will redirect a user to the original post.

  8. Frequency is rather important for succeeding at Micro Blogging to drive traffic, on Twitter you have post at least 8 times a day, that way your presence becomes recurring, you build your tribe thereby inspiring them to click through your shared links.

Final thoughts

Digitization is the new trend and more developments are on the way. Since everyone is busy nowadays, services such as microblogging are great ways to express your presence. Companies are now switching to microblogging as a good marketing idea and it time you try it too!

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