Off Page SEO Techniques In 2019

Off Page SEO Techniques in 2019

off page seo techniques

When we think Off-Page SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we are not just talking about links. The topic is a lot wider than just that. For example, brand mentions are a vital part of off-page SEO.

Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz observed that many web site owners spend about 30% of their time on off-page factors, and 70% on on-page factors. 

Almost every blogger who understands SEO will start from on-page SEO. However, the real work of expansion starts when you shift focus to off-page SEO. The things that mainly matter to Google mostly take place away from the real website and so the significance of off-page SEO is so high.

Fix your marketing goals because that will direct the time you will further require for your off-page optimization. The ratio of 3:7 or the time spent on-off and on-page SEO varies often. An off-page SEO informs big search engines such as Google about feedback related to your website.

For example, if a lot of links posted on other pages lead to your website, Google assumes that you have valuable content. Valuable content mainly refers to something that users like to read and find significant.

Therefore, off-page SEO is referred to all the work that you must do to make sure that your website ranks higher in the search results. As we know already, off-page SEO is much more than just link building.

Most of the times off-page SEO includes the activities that do not end up creating standard links on other websites. For example, if you are leaving feedback or posting a blog on some other website, you are doing promotion off-site.

What is the difference between On Page & Off Page SEO?

On Page & Off Page SEO are the two wheels of the same vehicle, the two need each other to function as a whole.

On Page SEO are a set of activities you take on the website level to search engine optimize your website.

It includes activities like updating the Meta Tags with well-researched keywords, ensuring that the website offers a stunning user experience, loads quickly, then there’s content SEO part. Broadly On Page SEO activities contains tasks that are undertaken on the website level.

Off Page SEO is a factor that you undertake outside your website to basically market your website for specific keywords and anchor texts so that your website qualifies to rank for competitive keywords.

Off Page SEO consists activities like submitting your website and links to submission sites, image & video sharing sites, & link building.

What Off Page SEO Factors are still effective in 2019?

1. Create Shareable Content

Creating content that is shareable is undoubtedly the best Off Page SEO Technique. Creating shareable content helps you in 2 ways.

1. It helps you acquire natural links, i.e people link to your content as a means to outbound linking, you don’t have to plead with shooting tons of email asking for link insertion; you are acquiring links naturally.

2. It helps you with passive social sharing, people discover your content find it worth sharing and as a result they do share your content on social as a token of appreciation.

create shareable content

A simple search on Buzzstream enlists results of web pages having attracted tons of social shares and links. How did they do it? It’s a consequence of create shareable content.

2. Blogging

Blogging as a content marketing tactic helps SEO by ranking your website as the most relevant answer to the questions asked by users.

Several blog posts particularly use several SEO tricks. Such tactics and tricks will help your website to achieve a higher position in the search engine result list. Therefore, you get more visitors to your website.

Blogging as an off page SEO activity has to be there in your overall content marketing strategy, It allows you to optimize your business website to rank for competitive anchor text keywords.

A website having enough content will obviously rank higher in the SERPs, blogging is the answer to compiling enough content.

A business website with a blog page having plenty of content will always outrank a competitor’s site having just 3-4 pages display business information. 

3. Video Submission

Video submission as an off page SEO Technique is more effective now more than ever. The reason simply being that video as a form of content consumption is being adopted increasingly.

You can grow faster with video than any other form of content. Take YouTube for example, the views YouTubers get is insane, gaining the same amount of exposure through website takes time & patience.

But if you use popular video submission sites in conjunction with website then that’s where the magic happens. Publishers are leveraging YouTube video description space & YouTube cards to drive referral traffic to their web pages. 

video submission to drive traffic

Hypothetically, let’s say your video receives 10K views, and at the same time you also have promoted your links, even if 1% of the viewers ends up clicking the links then that is 100 clicks that you drove, which is great.

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting is an effective off-page SEO technique that helps in more traffic generation to your website. Blogs that you create for someone else’s website in exchange of a link is called a Guest Post.

Moreover, this is also a way to make your presence clearer to everyone. Post links to your website in the guest posts and attracts people to visit your page.

The best part about guest posting is that it allows you to literally rank for the competitive anchor text keywords that you want to rank for.

For example, your business could be selling SEO services, with guest posting you can promote anchor texts like “Best SEO Services” by diversifying the anchor text wisely you can easily begin claiming higher rankings for that keyword, that’s the power of guest postings.

The reason why guest posting is more effective is simply because with guest postings you are building links in sites exclusively serving your niche, getting links from sites within your niche really passes the link value.

There are a number of ways to find guest posting opportunities, you can find Guest Posting site via Google with advanced searches like

Your keyword “write+for+us”
Your keyword “Guest+Post”
Your Keyword “Contribute”
Your Keyword “Guest+Bloggers+Wanted”
Your Keyword “Submit+Post”

Or you can simply use Guest Blogging Platforms like

Or, you can use Outreach platforms like

There are ways to find guest posting opportunities via Social Media Platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

Check out our list of Top Guest Posting sites that accepts guest posts.

5. Content Publishing

These are pages designed in a way that you can post your blogs and content. Users can read and post back feedback on such platforms. Social media platforms are also effective for content publishing.

Content Publishing Platforms is a disruptive thing right now, Medium is one of the greatest content publishing platforms, there are niche-specific publications on Medium that one can join and contribute content for free.

The real value of contributing content to content publishing platforms is the qualified referral traffic you get, content publishing platforms also allows your to create authority, expertise and trustworthiness for your site which is more important now more than ever given that Google will now rank website according to its E-A-T Framework.

Over Medium you can easily establish expertise by leveraging your author profile.

Other content publishing platforms include Entrepreneur, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, Yourstory and more.

6. Influencer Marketing

Inluencer marketing isn’t restricted to just Social Media, Influencer Marketing is also getting incorporated into Search Engine Optimization and the results are amazing.

Influencers can provide unique quality content, web is as it is overloaded with spin-off, recycled and duplicate content, amongst that if you are creating unique content then the chances of claiming search rankings are fairly easy.

Influencers also helps a great deal with content reach and engagement, they have tons of followers on social media and they will be more than happy to share the content they created and their followers will be even more happy to share and engage with that content.

7. Social Media Engagement

Social media linking and social sharing is a very important ranking factor that Google undertakes, and it’s an off page SEO ranking factor.

Social Media Linking is an off page SEO factor and Social shares is another crucial ranking factor that influences your ranking substantially.

In fact, if you use Buzzsumo you can find that it ranks sites for a given keyword according to the social shares it has garnered. Social Sharing allows you to build links on multiple social media platforms, drive referral traffic and increase the number of pageviews for your web page.

In fact, if you find content ideas on Buzzsumo platform you will find that Buzzsumo estimates the virality of the content based on the number of social shares it has achieved.

Some important social media sites you should submit your sites to include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Check out our complete List of Top Social Media Sites you should be submitting your sites to.

8. Link Exchange

Link Exchange works really well when done strategically, that is by diversifying anchor texts. It essentially means placing your contextual anchor text links in website within your niche who are putting out content that supplements your content.

For example, there can be a website that has put out content on topic, “Apps that help with productivity” and you have an article called “How Google calendar helps with productivity” so now you can build a contextual links on keywords like “Google Calendar Tips” it mutually helps both the website, the website where you add your contextual links will add his contextual links on your website.

So in the above example he will ask you to add contextual link on keyword “productivity apps”.

9. Podcast & Webinar

Submitting audio content that is conversational in nature to Podcast hosting platforms is an amazing Off Page SEO strategy to drive referral traffic and create buzz about your brand in these platforms.

In a Podcast episode descriptions you can place links to the web page where you want to drive traffic.

On the other hand, webinars or online events and are attended by viewers and subscribers. You can also term webinars as a virtual event, online seminar, web lecture, webcast and more.

There are podcast hosting platforms like Google Podcast,, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud and more. These podcast hosting platforms allows you to add links to your website as a particular podcast episode description.

10. Question & Answer sites

Engaging with Q&A sites is avery clever off page SEO technique that one should adopt in 2019 and beyond. Q&A helps connect with the target customer, solve their queries, build trust and make your business popular on these question answering websites.

Q&A sites gets decent enough traffic, sites like Quora also appears for featured snippet and first position search results, it’s a great opportunity to build links on such questions with answers and fetch maximum eyeballs and drive maximum referral traffic.  

This guide by SmartBlogger about driving traffic from Quora is highly recommended to read.

You should leverage question answer sites like

  • Quora
  • Stackexchange
  • Stackoverflow
  • Yahoo Answers

The Q&A is the feedback section of your blog page or website. Answering the queries of users builds trust between them. People believe that you are an authentic business organization who does not hide anything to customers.

11. Local Business Listings

Local Business Listing sites are like a goldmine for Local SEO.  Local Business Listing site let’s users create a portfolio of their website containing rich information like,

  • Name of business
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Opening Hours
  • Customer Reviews
  • Business Place Photos

Most of the business listing platforms are free. However, you must keep an eye on the updates and not forget to claim your business.

Local Business Listing sites are very important search engine ranking factor for Local SEO. There are great business listing sites like GoogleMyBusiness, Bing Places, Yellow Pages and more that are necessary for the success of Local SEO campaigns. 

With Local Business Listing sites like GoogleMyBusiness you can showcase rich information like reviews, ratings, address, contact number, media, opening hours etc.

12. Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 refers to several applications which enable users to interact, collaborate and share opportunities with other users. Web 2.0 applications are great ways to open up online.

Such applications together make a better and improved version of our traditional ‘www’ or world wide web.

The major difference between the www and web 2.0 is that the latter is more dynamic and knows the demand of users better. 

Web 2.0 in terms of SEO is basically subdomain platforms where anyone can create subdomain sites to promote the main website. For example, there is,, users can create subdomains to publish content to the worldwide users, for Blogger there is, for WordPress it is, for Tumblr it is likewise.

You can use subdomain to promote particular anchor texts. Web 2.0 is an effective link building and SEO strategy when used wisely and ethically, when used unethically the results can be disastrous. It can even affect your main website.

Checkout our list of Web 2.0 sites

13. Image Sharing

Sharing images is one of the best off page seo technique, because let’s face it; we are living in the world of visual content, humans process visuals much faster than text.

There are a number of ways image sharing takes places and helps your SEO efforts. Simple putting together a graphical image and using it as a blog featured image also acts as a unique visual content that your created & search engine optimized with image alt tag, as a result you can now gain presence on Google Images, Yahoo Images, Bing Images and more.

There are many image sharing sites like Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Photobucket and more that helps with proliferating the potential reach of your website with the help of images.

Checkout our list of Image Sharing Sites

14. Forum Posting

Forum Posting is an effective off page SEO technique if done correctly, there are forums catering to multiple niches, for web development there’s stackexchange, for search engine optimization there’s SEOChat.

People join forums so that they can address problems they are having, each forum is dedicated to a specific niche, meaning that people joining bodybuilding forum are looking forward to address problems they are facing with fitness, bodybuilding, diet; people on these forums who are expertised in the above will help users resolve their queries.

In forums you can resolve users queries in a meaningful way, there are some forums that also allows you forum signature place where you can place your website link.

forum signature

If you are active in forum constantly resolving user’s queries, your website link in forum signature gets more and more view time, many of the views results in qualified clicks.

Checkout our list of Forum Posting Sites

15. Directory Submissions

There are several directories under specific categories available online. Business websites try to submit their URL and official details online on these directories. Such practice is known as ‘directory submission’ and it majorly helps to build links.

Directory submission helps to optimize an official web page and falls under the category of Off-Page SEO factors. Such directory submissions ultimately sum up to the fact that you are submitting your website details to some other website.

There are various categories for you to choose from. You must list your website details under the most suitable category. 

The web directories are very similar to the phone directories which also contains a websites list under every category. There are mainly  types of directory submissions or website listings:

  • Featured or paid website listing
  • Regular, reciprocal website listing
  • Free website listing

Checkout our list of Directory Submission Sites

16.Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another effective Off-Page SEO factor that helps you to put in order the storage, management, and organization of bookmarks in web pages. As a user, you may want to save a link for future reference.

You can also save it to use or share it later. The bookmarked pages or links are public and anyone can view those from the ‘bookmark’ tab.

In most of the cases, other users can see who all have bookmarked the same pages like them. Guests and users can vote or comment on such items too. The other terms used for social bookmarking is the folksonomy, social tagging, collaborative tagging, social indexing, and social classification.

While you might have heard of the rest, folksonomy might be new to you. The word ‘’folksonomy’ is a combination of the words ‘folks’ and ‘taxonomy’.

What’s great about Social Bookmarking site is the fact that there are popular Social Bookmarking-cum-micro blogging sites that users are using actively to discover content and actually engage with it, sharing content to such active social bookmarking site can drive referral traffic to the promoted page thereby increasing the number of pageviews.

Some great social bookmarking sites includes

  • Slashdot
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Checkout our list of Social Bookmarking sites

17. PDF submissions

In SEO terms, PDF submission is the process to get maximum access and visibility of your links and websites. PDF submission is not just an Off-Page SEO factor, but also an effective way to do content marketing. Moreover, PDF submission improves your website’s ranking in the search engine results.

PDF submission or Doc submissions allows your to add clickable links within the doc, because of that your links get added to the PDF/Doc submission sites and also you get to drive a sizeable chunk of referral traffic.

There PDF/DOC submission sites like Slideshare, Edocr, MediaFire, Issuu & MediaFire that are great for Doc sharing.

Checkout our list of Doc Sharing sites

18. PPT Submissions

PPT or PowerPoint submission in SEO is another way of doing content marketing. It has similar benefits such as PDF submissions.

The major difference is that PPT submissions for SEO rank improvisation include a more attractive presentation. As you already know PowerPoint combines pictures and slideshows for more visually interesting content.

There are PPT Submission sites like Slideshare that allows clickable links in PowerPoint presentations thereby allowing your to build links from different PPT submission sites. PPT Submissions overall helps with marketing your business website in the web.

Checkout our list of PPT Submission sites

19. Press Release

Submission about new events, company, services, and products are known as a press release. The submissions are to be posted on PR websites. Moreover, this is an effective off-page SEO tactic that helps to promote all your events, service or product launches online.

Press release are not so much about claiming links in high authority Public Relations site, they are more about sharing engaging news about your company’s recent whereabouts, thereby making your company website gain meaningful online exposure.

Checkout our list of Press Release sites

So, there it is; our exhaustive list of 19 effective Off Page SEO Techniques you should use to rank your website higher in Google search results. Always remember Google only loves you if everyone else loves you too.

How do you make everyone else love your website content? it’s through Off Page SEO.

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