Top 30 Podcast Submission Sites list

Top 30 Podcast Submission Sites list

Podcast Submission Sites

Definition of Podcast

Podcast is a series of episodes that can either be in the form of audio or video and that a user can download easily. Podcasting usually needs a subscription process that in turn helps users to get notified of new episodes and similar new updates. The files are mostly in audio format and the ones that use videos or pictures are known as video podcasting, vlogs or vodcasts. The word ‘podcast’ is the combination of two different words- ipod and broadcast. 

Why are Podcasts Important?

Every business is using more podcasts over time that helps in enhancing their prospects as it is a very useful marketing tool. It has become the latest mobile radio and so the more the use of mobile phones, the more the development of podcasts.

Furthermore, podcast submission is a helpful technique of doing quality SEO which in turn helps in generating traffic and develops high-quality links. Here are some of the benefits of using a podcast in your business.

Importance of Podcast and What People Choose to Hear

Times are changing drastically and modernization has brought along with it so many new technologies which are in turn enhancing business globally. As different features of business keep changing with every passing day, we now understand market demands and customer needs better than before. Such tools are much needed when we want to stay in the game with so many players trying to compete.

One such tool is known as a podcast and has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. A podcast is an arrangement of digitized audio files that are easily available over the internet for anyone to download. A person can also take a subscription to a podcast to get these audio files as soon as they are updated.

If you upload a podcast and a user subscribes to it, a podcast host transfers media and audio files to such platforms directly. After the whole process, podcast hosting is an easy arrangement that provides RSS feed and file hosting. This consists of web servers that allow file downloads and also the mp3 files. They make advanced reports regarding listener analytics, sharing options on social media, support options and other tools of marketing.

The other features of podcast sites include streaming compliance, unlimited bandwidth as well as file storage. If you want to create a podcast, you need a host in the beginning.

1. Replacement of Videos

Video marketing is important for any business, irrespective of the size. However, some organizations may not be comfortable socially or financially to create videos. This is when podcasts can take their place.

If you are not comfortable to shoot videos or you are not digitally equipped, for example, you cannot arrange proper lighting, background or sound, it is better not to do something in error. These are times when you should opt for podcasts. 

2. Generates Traffic

Utilizing podcasts can help you to reach out to a vast group of new audiences. They can subscribe to the series that you have developed and uploaded. The more you create new and interesting content the more audience will continue to listen. In the long run, you will not only create loyal users but also new ones. Also, the existing users will recommend your podcast to others and you, therefore, generate traffic with more visitors and subscribers. 

3. Building Relationships

Even though podcasts are a one-sided medium when it comes to reaching out to the audience, it can build relationships. This is because we relate to what we hear and we only continue listening to something if we find something in common.

It is the same with podcasts, the listeners either find the speaker appealing and can relate to what he speaks on. Secondly, they find your brand beneficial in some way and so they want to know more about it. Over time, this builds trust and friendliness and results in a fruitful conversion. It is because users become customers only when they feel they can trust a brand.

4. Easily Created

Creating a podcast is not as difficult as creating a video or something similar. You do not need too many high-fi pieces of equipment to create a podcast nor do you require excessive manpower. You will mainly need a good quality microphone and a pair of headphones. These things are easily available in the market at a moderate price.

After you have created the podcast, you need to edit it with easily available and free applications and upload it on your website and also reach out to your loyal audience by notifying them via e-mails. Next, you need to start promoting your podcast in whichever possible way you can. Most importantly you need to make the podcasts easily available on all existing media platforms.

5. Highly Effective

Every day, we come across so much written information that is easily available on the internet. It has created quite a monotony and you cannot expect video promotions to reach even the remote locations of the world. However, audio content such as podcasts can easily reach people anywhere in the whole world.

Also, as a speaker, you get a good platform to speak about any subject. People also listen to it to break the monotony of reading things on the internet. This creates successful conversion in lesser time as compared to other methods of promotion.

6. Public Speaking

Hosting podcasts on a regular basis can improve your speaking skills. Over time, you will successfully develop a natural flow of speaking in public forums. This will not only help you understand your listeners but also help in fruitful conversion in less time. Moreover, you may come across better public speaking opportunities which can, in turn, become platforms for you to promote your business. 

People are choosing podcasts for any kind of business nowadays. This has become one of the trending marketing strategies for everyone. It is time that you also implement podcasting in your business too. Now that you have got an overview of how important podcasting is for business let us go through some of the most successful podcasts. 

Podcasts which People Have Loved Over the Years

In today’s world, any famous person such as an academic, celebrity or journalist may own a microphone and a mixing platform to start a podcast. However, the quality of the content should be high and not repetitive. There is always a chance of redoing content given the list of podcasts now available on all applications. Here are some of the most popular podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and other platforms, focusing on topics like technology, politics, science, and culture. 

This is a podcast containing 11 episodes of 40minutes each. The content is mainly a tour of pyramid schemes, the ruining of lives and the people running them.

The concept was adapted from the ’80s crazily popular show called “Plane Game”. The idea for this was 8 passengers will each pay $1500 to board a make-believe aircraft. As the plane will get filled with passengers, the captain takes away all the money and then each person on it tries to climb up a ladder to become the captain. 

In “The Dream”, a girl named Jane Marie reflects every section of a marketing scheme for example on Instagram or Facebook. Now you can meet new people involved in marketing schemes and how their lives have changed. 

In this, you will get to explore the life of people inside the San-Quentin State Prison and everything about life in such conditions. This was on air every fortnight and every episode was about 40-45 minutes.

The show was hosted by Earlonne Woods, a former inmate of the same prison along with Nigel Poor, the visual artist. This show is all about life in the prison and the struggles of the inmates who have no life outside of these four walls. You can almost feel the experiences of the inmates of dating in the prison or making friends in this place.

These were episodes talking about some interesting aspects of the fashion world. The whole series consisted of 6 episodes which lasted for 20-30 minutes each. In this series, each episode was dedicated to one clothing detail such as plaids, blue jeans or pockets. They spoke about everything starting from the history of such clothing to their evolution and everything else with the development of fashion technology.

The show was hosted by the very popular Avery Trufelman who used to interview experts of the clothing industry. A huge audience would listen to fashion tips even if they were not literally applying those on a daily basis. 

This show was about analyzing various aspects of the technology industry hosted by two of the experts in this niche. This used to be played every two weeks and an episode lasted for an hour or so. Exponent was important for people who were interested in listening to all the tits and bits of trends and developments in the technology industry. This was jointly hosted by Ban Thompson and James Allworth. 

This show was about topics that are important and yet do not form headlines. This was played every Friday and one episode lasted for around 30-35 minutes. In this show, Olly Mann would interview writers from the famous news magazine, The Week. Together they discussed agendas that became incidents today and how they could affect the society in the future. 

If you have not heard any of these famous podcasts, you should Google them right away. You can get an idea on how interesting content can be created and also take tips on amazing ways of public speaking.

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