RSS Feed Submission Sites

RSS Feed Submission Sites

RSS Feed Submission Sites

RSS Feeds act as a great resource for publishers who are into putting out blog content. There are ton of ways to drive traffic to your blog content.

RSS feed is another channel through which you can drive traffic to your blog. People simply have to subscribe to your RSS Feed and as a result they can consume your blog content via Feed reader.

You can jump straight to them towards the end of the blog but if you have any doubts about RSS, we highly suggest you to go through this article.

Before we dive straight into the technicalities of the topic we’re dealing with, let’s start with the basics and understand it’s meaning.

What are RSS Submission Sites?

RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary” and it is simply a way to have information delivered to you, saving the work of going to find it.

It allows you to subscribe to a blog or website and have any new posted content or information delivered right to your feed reader so that you don’t have to keep checking for updates.

A feed reader gathers all your feeds in one place and makes it easier to manage everything. It provides user’s headlines, latest news, information and stories from a number of blogs and websites.

Simply put, RSS is a type of web feed that instantly delivers new content from website to desired targeted website or user, therefore allowing them access to updates to online content  in a standardized and manageable feed reader.

An RSS submission site helps in optimization of content to make sure that relevant updated content gets delivered to the targeted audience, thus marketing and increasing conversion rate.

Let’s have a look at a few benefits of RSS submission sites.

Benefits of RSS Feed and Submission Sites

RSS feeds serves as an essential online marketing and search engine optimization tool, by efficiently promoting and optimizing website feeds.

It does so by presenting relevant and updated content to the targeted audience, ensuring proper exposure regardless of your blogging platform.

Apart from that, while most newsletter sent by websites might get lost in the junk files of the user, the updates from RSS feeds each reach the user indiscriminately because they avoid email spam filter.

The RSS submission sites or directory will take your blog posts and display them on these feeds which will give you a significant amount of traffic.

Increased traffic ensures more visitors and readers, thus giving your page rank a necessary boost.

Plus it’s an easier way to communicate with your customers, instead of emailing where there’s little chance of having your newsletter noticed in the first place.

Things to Remember When Using RSS Directories

1. Catchy titles

The first thing a reader notices in a blog is the title, therefore to stand out among other articles, make sure that the title you’re using is eye catchy.

It plays an important role in attracting readers. As important as the title is the quality of the content written within.

Make sure that you eradicate any grammatical errors that might be plaguing your blog, using websites like Grammarly makes your work easier. Adding more visual content and important keywords is also favourable.

2. Follow the directions

Some directories require registration, some don’t, but regardless you will be directed as necessary when you follow the links. The process is quite simple, you must submit the feed URL to the top RSS directories.

These directories will crawl back to the content provided and simply indexes the website content.

You may submit your blog RSS feed to all top RSS submission site lists, although make sure to follow all rules and guidelines laid out by the sites to avoid getting blocked or marked as spam. 

3. Identify high authority RSS Feed sites

It is important to remember that you should only submit links to a website with high page rank and domain authority, because if that isn’t the case, your links will be wasted on a site that will offer you little to no benefits.

The good thing is that we have saved you the time and effort of searching around for highly rated RSS submission directories. 

RSS Submission Sites List

Below is a list of the most relevant and high rank RSS submission directories to help you with your optimization prospects.

It might be a slow process to earn recognition in such a busy world, but your efforts are what matter.

Get started today by following the links below. Got any queries or suggestions on your mind?

Use the comment section below to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Good Luck!

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