Top Social Media Sites

Top Social Media Sites

social media sites

With each passing year, the amount of people signing up for social media increases with rapid intensity. Humans have embraced the technological advancements, and in 2019, there is an estimate that around 2.77 billion people are actively using social media. It undoubtedly has a great influence on most of the activities on the internet, which includes businesses and if used properly, they can be insanely useful to drive in large quantities of traffic to your website. 

Below we have listed the top high PR social media and other websites that you shouldn’t ignore, or must use as part of your social media marketing strategy. But before we get started, let us look at a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore these sites.

What are the benefits of Social Media Sites?


It is pretty evident by the numbers that a lot of people use social media on a daily basis. If marketed correctly, you can have a large amount of traffic at your doorstep overnight. If you’re lucky, your content might as well go viral, which will drive in tremendous amount of response from visitors all around the world. Social media is a whole package of opportunities and with the scope it has, you would definitely never want to miss it.

Apart from the traffic through regular content posting, you can get quality backlinks through these sites to have a consistent connection between your website and your social media accounts. These backlinks will ensure that visitors not only browses through your account, but take a look at your websites too.

Social media sites are a great medium of facilitating exposure and brand awareness among the people. With these many people using social media, you will surely be able to find your target audience which makes it easier to market your content. The greater your services or responses in these sites, the more credibility you receive. 

Apart from that, by using social media sites your domain authority will automatically increase. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? 

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Social Media Sites


Social media sites are primarily used for networking and entertainment. Therefore, try to focus on entertaining your audience while ensuring them that your services will be beneficial to them.

There are a lot of social media sites, and every site has its own method of working plus a set of guidelines that need to be followed. For example, YouTube works on video based content and Instagram works more on image based content. Therefore it is essential for you to fully exploit all the benefits each of these sites carry while modifying and creating content as per the norms or regulations of the site.

Every site has its own rules, and the ones with high PR can be very strict with approval. Spamming is looked down upon in many sites, therefore take special care to follow all the guidelines of you do not wish to be marked as spam or reported. 

As the name social media suggests, you need to be more social and build up a profile by submitting high quality content if you want to shine out. It may be a time consuming procedure to build up a fanbase, but it isn’t a futile concept. Try being socially active by liking, commenting, resharing and up voting the posts of others. Make sure that your own content is easy to share on different social media platforms too.


Now that you know all that’s needed for you to get started with social media optimization, you can finally move forward with building up your networks. To make it easy for you get started, below we have listed the most popular social media sites on the internet that have the largest viewer base. All that’s left for you to do now is to sign up and start connecting with the rest of the world. Got any queries or got something to address regarding this topic? Feel free to use the comment section below to get in touch with us, and we will get back to you soon. Happy (social) networking!

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