Top 50 UK Business Listing Sites

Top 50 UK Business Listing Sites

uk business listing sites

The UK is widely known as a business hub, and regarded as a world leader in business and finance, particularly cities like London. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, the UK topped Forbes’ “Best Countries for Business 2018” list. Economic growth has always been on the increase and unemployment has sunken to a meager 4.3%.

There’s an abundance of opportunities in a place like the UK, and local business always need to be on their toes if they wish to outsmart their competitors. The more dynamic a place is, the more competition it carries and to progress in such an environment, a business has to grab on to every possibility of success. 

Business Listing Sites for the UK are sites that will spread awareness about your business aiming for your target audience in the area of your operation, that is the UK. The process of getting listed and everything is very simple and quick. But it’s in your hand to take initiatives. Below we have linked the best business listing sites you have to check out if you wish to get into it. Before we move to the technical aspects, do you wish to know why business listing is important and what impact does it have on your business? If yes, then you should definitely go through the benefits to give yourself a glimpse of what we’re getting into. 

How is business listing beneficial to you?

Potential customers that don’t even know about your existence need ways to discover and reach out to your business and these directories do exactly that thing. Getting listed help your targeted audience reach out to you when searching for services or goods that you provide. 

Since these massive online directories have immense reach, they allow a business to become highly visible to your local audience and community. It’s a great way to amplify and establish your presence on the internet, and creating brand awareness among the locals. This will lead to increased trustworthiness and credibility of the business, since people will know that you are a legitimate business. 

Not only that, business listing is a very popular form of off site SEO, therefore your SEO is in for significant improvement too. These sites send signals to Google to help validate your website, which will in turn increase your chances of ranking higher on the search results.

Why should you get your business listed?

Getting your business listed is greatly advantageous to a business. In such a digitalised world, it doesn’t take a single minute for a business to get left behind by its competitors. If you wish to gain an edge over your local business, these directories are the most efficient way to do so. Apart from that, most of the directories are totally free of cost, technically the only thing you need to put in is equal amounts of time and effort. It’s too good to be missed out on.

How do you get business listed?

The process of getting listed is really simple. You just have to follow one of the links we’ve added below, and proceed with the registration form you’ll find in the site. You will have to fill in a few details about your business like name, website, number, description etc. So it’s best to be prepared beforehand. Once you fill in the details, you can press post and you’re good to go. Simple, isn’t it? Remember that every site has its own set of guidelines, and it’s best to stick to them if you want to avoid getting marked as spam or reported.

What to include in a listing?

Let’s have a look at this checklist to what to include in a listing. 

  • NAP which stands for Name, Address and Phone number. This should be regularly updated in case of any changes.
  • Detailed Company Description wherein you’ll include all necessary information that a customer should know about your business and it’s services.
  • Link to your website so that interested people can straight away go to your website for further information regarding your business.
  • Secondary Business Information like hours of operation, menu, calendar of events, offers, deals etc. Most listings contain only the name, number and address, you can always do a little extra work to stand out.
  • Pictures, Videos have higher chance of catching interest, since just plain words can be boring sometimes. Try and add relevant pictures and videos to spark interest.
  • Customer Reviews to further prove your credibility and dedication. Reviews often spark a sense of trustworthiness in the business, so try to make the best out of it.

Remember to keep all this information updated in case there’s any changes. Careless behaviour is regarded as highly unprofessional and any mistake can have a negative impact on your business.

The more directories you get yourself registered in, the higher chance you’ll have of getting noticed and boosting your sales. But remember that there’s a limit to everything.

If you go too overboard, you might get marked as spam by Google. Therefore, you should register yourself in selective, relevant, highly rated listing sites to maximize results. Any low rated website will bring zero to none traffic, which is a waste of time and effort.


The UK is a land of opportunities, so try not to miss out and get the best out of it. Now that you’re well aware about everything regarding business directories, it’s time for you to experience for yourself and get your business listed. Below we have links to the best high PR business listing sites. Follow them and begin your listing journey. If have any questions or concerns please feel free to use the comment section below to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy listing!

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